Today Is International Longevity Day

Every year the United Nations recognizes today, October 1, as its International Day of Older Persons to raise awareness about issues affecting older adults as well as to appreciate the contributions older adults make to global society.

For the Healthspan Campaign, today represents a perfect opportunity to raise awareness about the rising implications of global aging, something we talk about a lot, and the promise of research to slow down the aging process. So it’s with great pleasure that we give you news about the “International Longevity Day” initiative being conducted by our campaign partners, the International Society on Aging and Disease (ISOAD), to emphasize the importance of aging and longevity research for the development of effective health care for older adults. ISOAD’s efforts have resulted in events being held in more than 40 countries around the globe today. We salute ISOAD’s devotion to bringing recognition to aging research. To keep track of today’s events visit the International Longevity Day Facebook page. 

We also would like to share a short video about why aging research can be a global gamechanger. Watch it below.