About the Healthspan Campaign

Founded in 2012, the Healthspan Campaign is a coalition of organizations dedicated to advocating for research into the basic biology of aging. Its research agenda has been endorsed by more than 100 of the world’s most prominent scientists, clinicians and aging experts.

Scientists have made impressive progress in the understanding of human aging. They now generally agree that aging is malleable and capable of being slowed—that it is possible to make life at 80 feel more like life at 60. This has opened the door for breakthroughs in fighting the single risk factor common to nearly every disease: aging itself.

By better understanding this “common denominator” of aging, scientists could usher in a new era of preventative medicine. But there is a significant gap between this promising basic research and its clinical application.

The Healthspan Campaign remains dedicated to closing this gap through consensus building, public awareness campaigns, educational documents and public policy outreach.