Author Bill Gifford Talks about His New Book, Spring Chicken

bill giffordIt’s our pleasure to present this Q & A with Bill Gifford, the author of the brand-new book Spring Chicken: Stay Young Forever (or Die Trying).  His book is described as “a full-throttle, high-energy ride through the latest research, popular mythology, and ancient wisdom on mankind’s oldest obsession: How can we live longer? And better?” He has been busy talking about his book with NPR, Dr. Oz, and other outlets. But we were lucky enough to get a few minutes of his time. Enjoy the Q & A!

What prompted you to write a book on aging research?

BG: Like everyone else who reaches middle age, I hit my 40s and started to feel like I was changing in certain ways. I had less energy and more squishy bits than I did when I was 30, and a visit to the doctor confirmed that I’d put on a bunch of weight and that my LDL cholesterol was sky high. So I started thinking about aging, and wondering what science really knows about this process that affects everything that has ever lived. It seemed sort of unfair that nature would craft us into the extraordinary beings that we are, only to let it all fall apart in the space of a few decades.

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